Harrison & Richardson assists individuals across Louisiana in preparing their estate plans.

Death need not be a turbulent passage. With the proper estate planning, you can ensure your assets will pass peacefully to the heirs you designate, and in the thoughtful manner you prescribe.

Estate planning is about deciding what you want to do with your property during and after your lifetime, deciding what mechanisms best allow you to achieve those goals, and then writing the plan down in clear, legal, and unmistakable terms. Planning documents include:

  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Trusts
  • Guardianships
  • General, financial, and/or medical Powers of Attorney
  • Health care directives and living wills

We also stand ready to assist individuals and families with successions and estate administration. A succession facilitates the transmission of the estate property of a deceased person to his or her successors. We know that losing a loved one is a difficult time. The lawyers at Harrison & Richardson are experienced with handling successions and are competent advocates and compassionate counselors that can see you through the opening, administration and closing of your loved one’s succession.

If you need assistance with your estate plans, or with a friend or family member’s succession, contact Harrison & Richardson. We will utilize our experience and professionalism to accomplish your goals and meet your needs.