From its formation, Harrison & Richardson is a law firm replete with exceptional experience, expertise, and energy.

In August of 2012, after much forethought and careful deliberation by its founding members, Harrison & Richardson was founded. Over the next few years, Harrison & Richardson expanded its services and practice areas, providing expert legal service to the Northshore and Southshore communities, while continuing to represent clients from all corners of the State of Louisiana as well as certain regions of the United States.

The attorneys of Harrison & Richardson have an unparalleled perspective, a shared commitment to the client and their cause, and a unique blend of talent.  They have learned their trade by starting in the trenches of small and large firms alike-each fraught with fast paced litigation practices.

It is that experience, along with a desire to build and sustain a practice embedded with the character, integrity, and zeal of its members, that has allowed Harrison & Richardson to provide effective and efficient legal services to their clients over the past 10 years.

Harrison & Richardson believes in building long lasting relationships with their clients- relationships built on trust and commitment. The success of Harrison & Richardson and that of their clients are inextricably linked, and the attorneys and staff members work every day with the existence of that common interest in mind.

The common goal of the attorneys of Harrison & Richardson is to build and maintain an ethical and professional law practice serving their clients with the small town charm and attention reflective of their South Louisiana roots.