Areas of Practice

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Harrison & Richardson is located on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain and has a unique practice that is set up to advise small and large maritime companies in the area. The firm has worked on maritime matters in both federal and state court. The firm has handled matters involving the defense and prosecution of personal injuries, limitation of liability proceedings, maritime insurance coverage, and charter party disputes. In addition, the firm has represented numerous companies and individuals in claims that arise under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (“LHWCA”).


Construction Law

Harrison & Richardson has handled construction law cases for both private entities and public bodies. Our attorneys have handled matters that involve construction defects, bonds and sureties, liens under the Private and Public Works Act, and insurance coverage issues unique to the construction industry. The firm has represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, materialmen, and bonding companies.


Property Law/Real Estate Law

Harrison & Richardson has practiced extensively in the area of property law. Our lawyers have represented public bodies in expropriation proceedings, and defended individuals whose land was being expropriated. The firm has handled matters involving neighbor disputes, drainage problems, encroachment, trespass, and violation of timber rights. The firm has also handled real estate transactions for both individuals and corporations. Our attorneys have also handled real estate closings and provided title opinions.


Insurance Law

Harrison & Richardson has handled all aspects of insurance law. Our lawyers have defended large national insurance companies, reinsurance companies, and self-insured corporations. The firm has handled insurance defense matters in Federal and State Court involving automobile accidents, homeowners claims, premises liability, and trucking accidents.

Our attorneys have also prosecuted cases for large national corporations against its insurance carriers. These cases involved insurance coverage and allegations of bad faith.


Personal Injury

Harrison & Richardson has represented numerous individuals against large corporations and insurance companies. The firm handles these matters only in the event it does not conflict with its representation of its existing clients. Our lawyers have represented victims in serious injury claims, motor vehicle accidents, offshore accidents, and slip and fall incidents.


Worker’s Compensation

Harrison & Richardson has handled every aspect of worker’s compensation claims. Our attorneys have represented corporations, insurance companies, and individuals in claims arising under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and the Federal Employers Compensation Act. The firm has also advised corporations on employment practices, drafting of procedural manuals, and methods of limiting the corporation’s liabilities under the worker’s compensation laws.


Commercial Collection

Harrison & Richardson has represented numerous corporations in commercial collections. Our lawyers have represented suppliers, contractors, trucking companies, retailers, and professionals. Consistent with Louisiana law, the firm has also been successful in recovering attorneys’ fees associated with the payment on delinquent accounts.


Family Law/Divorce & Child Custody

Harrison & Richardson handles family law matters. Our attorneys understand that these cases have to be handled with compassion and straight-forward legal advice. Our lawyers encourage resolution among family members. However, depending upon the facts or circumstances, the firm can also aggressively represent its clients in all matters relating to divorce and partition of community property.


Wills and Estate Planning

Harrison & Richardson handles wills and estate planning. Our attorneys can give you valuable advice to secure and put you in control of your assets. The firm can help you create a Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Powers of Attorney, and Living Will Declarations. Out lawyers can help you plan for the accumulation, preservation, and transition of your assets in accordance with your wishes. With our advice, we can also help your estate eliminate the cost and delay of the probate process.

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